5 Things To Do on Costa Del Sol in Autumn

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5 Things To Do on Costa Del Sol in Autumn

Are you currently holidaying on Costa del Sol, or living here but looking for some new activities? Here’s our suggestion of 5 things to do on Costa del Sol in autumn.

Nr. 1: Carpe Diem Trekking

Enjoy the wildlife in the Andalusian mountains with one of the many scheduled treks with the team behind Carpe Diem Trekking. The Andalucia region is covered in beautiful landscapes and rural archaeological sites from Tarifa and all along the coast to Nerja. With rocky mountain trails, hidden lagoons and Roman ruins you will be spoiled on your way around the Andalusian countryside.

Nr. 2: Feria de Fuengirola

From the 6th to the 12th of October, there is an annual fair in Fuengirola, which you can enjoy. The 6-day event offers various Andalucian foods and drinks you and your family can savour. In addition to the beautiful food on display, there will be dancing and loud Andalucian music played at many of the huts you can visit, each playing a different melody.

Nr. 3: Day-trip around Malaga

The city of Malaga is always a great place to enjoy your time, with limitless restaurants and cafes to enjoy a bite to eat. There are also some great theatres you could attend, and an abundance of different cultural activities to explore such as the famous Picasso Museum.

Nr. 4: Caminito Del Rey

Hike Caminito del Rey, a suspended walkway surrounded by a scenic landscape. Hop aboard a bus from Málaga and travel to Ardales where the hike begins. Along the 7.7km route, learn the real story behind the construction of this great work of engineering. Pass by mountains that emerged millions of years ago and vertical canyons born by the force of the Guadalhorce River. The end stop has a cafe where you can enjoy a cold beverage and a snack before you hop on the bus back to Malaga.

Nr. 5: Sunset Catamaran Trip

Hop aboard one of the famous Catamaran boats at the Malaga port where you can sit back and relax with a cold beverage as you sail by the Costa Del Sol. The short trip only takes an hour and a half, where you can admire the majestic skyline of the Mediterranean coast as the sun sets, a truly astonishing view to behold.