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Transport in Malaga

Embarking on your journey in Malaga commonly starts at the Malaga Airport, formally recognized as Aeropuerto de Malaga-Costa del Sol (AGP). Located a mere 8 kilometres southwest of the city centre, this airport stands as a pivotal entry point for both local and international visitors. Upon arrival at AGP, a variety of transportation options await: including a conveniently located train station, readily accessible buses, taxis, and various private transport alternatives.


Málaga boasts an extensive public transportation network, making it effortless for both locals and tourists to explore the city. Buses cover every corner of the city, including popular tourist spots. Furthermore, these buses offer a cheaper travel option and access to places other transport methods can’t reach, such as Marbella.


Moreover, the metro, while not as expensive as in other European cities, connects the city centre to various suburban areas throughout Málaga.


Additionally, for those eager to venture beyond Málaga, Renfe Cercanías is an excellent choice. This train service extends along the coast, stopping at destinations like Torremolinos and Fuengirola. Renfe trains provide a comfortable way to travel through the coast.

Taxis and private transport

Taxis and private transport stand as convenient choices for swift city-wide commuting, operating round the clock. Moreover, applications like Uber and Bolt enhance accessibility and reliability, often providing discounts on trips.

When navigating Málaga, consider these helpful tips

Transport in Malaga is one of the many ways of getting around in the city on the other hand there are other options you could choose from such as embarking on foot: Embrace the joy of exploring Malaga’s captivating streets and alleys by wandering on foot. Notably, many of the city’s attractions lie near each other. Wander through charming sites like the Alcazaba Castle, Picasso Museum, Málaga Cathedral, and the Roman Theatre, all conveniently reachable by foot.