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5 things to do in Torremolinos

Casa de los Navajas

In the 90s, Torremolinos acquired and declared the Casa de Los Navajos a historic building. Still, before that, it belonged to the Luque-Navajas family, and up to three generations had lived there. Hiring this palace-like house for weddings and other ceremonies is now possible. Other times the buildings are used for concerts, theatre performances and exhibitions.

The Alhambra palace inspires the inside furnishings in Granada. The towers have a beautiful view over the Mediterranean Sea and the Costa del Sol coastline. The building survived the “Golden era” when construction companies knocked many buildings down and instead built a lot of hotels.

You can find this incredible building here.

Aqualand Torremolinos

Aqualand is a giant family-friendly waterpark with many waterfalls, water slides and a surf beach with a wave machine. There is something for every person, whether it be the fun water activities or enjoying a cold drink in the shade – there are activities for small kids and people that like to get an adrenaline kick. The park also has a garden where you can lie down and sunbathe. 

If you want to wind down and relax, there is a hot tub you can enjoy. 

To settle your hunger, choose between pizza, salads, hotdogs, burgers, and sandwiches from various places within the park. For your sweet tooth, you can get waffles and crepes.

The ticket prices vary from season to season. The opening season is from the end of May to the end of September. 

If you want to bring home some souvenirs from the waterpark, there is also a small gift shop.

Click here for more information about the waterpark.

Crocodile Park

Meet Paco, the largest living crocodile in Europe, whose grand weight is 600kg. If you want to see him, you must visit Crocodile Park.

Crocodiles have existed for over 200 million years – they are carnivores, share heritage with dinosaurs, and still use cold and relentless hunting techniques.

You can get close to the crocodiles in the park, under 2 metres! If you feel brave enough, you can also get the opportunity to hold a baby crocodile.

When you arrive, you will get a handy map which guides you through the park and tells you approximately how much time you should spend at each station. 

The park is open all year round. It has different opening hours, but there are three guided tours every day. 

You can find directions to the park by clicking here.

Parque da La Batería

Parque La Batería (Battery Park) in Torremolinos is an incredible park that covers more than 74.000 square metres and has a beautiful view over the sea. There is plenty of space to have fun with your family or friends or to relax and disconnect from everyday life. There are many options to enjoy the park and spend the day however you want. 

The must-visit attraction in the park is the artificial lake which boasts more than 9.000 square metres and has a prominent water feature in the middle. Here you can rent a rowing boat and sail around the lake.

There is also a bike lane, a running track and a playground for the kids.

The park has a 15-metre-high tower from which you can observe the sea and the surrounding areas along the coast.

If you want to visit the park, you can find the location by clicking here.

Meatina Steakhouse

Meatina Steakhouse is an incredible restaurant with fantastic service. Come and enjoy some lovely food, good wine and delicious cocktails.

You can choose between burgers, steak, salad, BBQ spareribs, carpaccio, bruschetta and many other delicious meals. They also serve gluten-free food, which is excellent if you are a celiac – as you can still enjoy most of the tasty food here.

The fabulous staff will do everything for you to have a fantastic experience. 

Their opening hours are Monday to Saturday, from 7 pm to 11 pm. They also offer takeaway if you prefer to eat at home instead. 

You can find the restaurant at Decano Higueras Del Castillo 65, in Torremolinos 29620.

Click here to see the menu online.

If you are planning on spending some time in Torremolinos, these are some of our recommendations. You can also look at Tripadvisor’s many activities and places in this stunning, Andalusian town.

Click here to see what Tripadvisor has to offer.

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