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Expand your network and join social clubs

It can be overwhelming to move to another country – whether the decision is due to work or just a desire to live on the Costa del Sol. There are a lot of different nationalities who have chosen to settle on the Costa del Sol. They have likely been fascinated by the Spanish culture and the amazing weather. It may be that family and friends still live in their home country, while you have chosen or are considering moving to Spain and starting a daily life here. However, you may miss the security and the connections you have in your home country. But why not combine community with a life in Spain? Along the Costa del Sol you’ll find a large selection of social communities and clubs for both specific nationalities and clubs with mixed nationalities.

Expat communities and activities

There are a lot of opportunities to meet others whether it’s over a game of bridge, paddle tennis, golf or something completely different. Zumba is also a very famous sport, which you can attend to on the beach or in fitness. There are countless clubs where you can spend time and pursue your hobby with others.

We also recommend that you become a member of a variety of Facebook groups, where tourists and residents from all over the world post questions daily or share knowledge and experiences. Here are some examples of Facebook Groups: “Living on the Costa del Sol”, “Expat community Costa del Sol”, “Expats World in Marbella”, “Fuengirola friendly social group” & “Estepona Info & Chat”.

Bubble Marbella: For instance there is an activity centre for children and families in Marbella called “Bubble Marbella”. The centre has activities for babies, children and the whole family such as swimming, dancing, arts, cooking, learning languages and much more. Click here to read more about Bubble Marbella.

International schools: There are a lot of international schools on the Costa del Sol. The great thing about international schools is that they are mostly bilingual, which means your children will thrive in an environment where there are students from all over the world. They will experience many new cultures that will enrich them from early on. It is also a perfect way for your child to expand their social relations in a new country. Click here to read our recent post about some of the top international schools on the Costa del Sol.

Buying and selling a property on the Costa del Sol

If you consider buying a property on the Costa del Sol, the team at Kaarsberg Estate will do our best to help and guide you through the buying- or selling process. It can be confusing to get an overview of the areas on the Costa del Sol and decide what is best for you and your family’s needs. We have more than 15 years of experience in property sales on the Costa del Sol and know the areas like the palm of our hands. We will do our best to find your dream home – so do not hesitate to call us on: +34 952 554 560 or write to us on: [email protected].

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