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Golf Event at El Chaparral Golf

Golf Dinamarca held its monthly tournament at El Chaparral Golf on Friday, April 21, sponsored by Kaarsberg Estate.

On this challenging course, the golfers enjoyed a great round with fantastic results, and afterwards, there was a great atmosphere and a lovely view to enjoy from the club’s restaurant.

Peter and Caroline had set up a meet-and-greet point where they greeted all 55 participants and handed out goodie bags for the players to bring along with them during their match.

Our team’s marketing manager Emilie drove around the golf course with Caroline, interacting with the players making sure they were all set and taking photos of the tournament.

Overall, the players had excellent results on a somewhat challenging course, though potentially with fewer balls left in their bags at the end of the round.

As the event’s sponsor, we gathered all players after the tournament on the patio of El Chaparral restaurant. We had a fabulous three-course meal while enjoying the breathtaking view of the golf course and the Mediterranean Sea.

At least 55 players took up the challenge in the sunshine on Friday morning, and some really lovely winning scores came out of it. The price-giving took place after the meal, where the participants enjoyed some drinks and celebrated their wins with each other.

Peter Kaarsberg delivered a quick, comprehensive overview of the family-run company at the dinner. Along with his eldest daughters, Emilie and Caroline, he also had two of his hardworking real estate agents, Helle Brøchner Agesen and Marianne Agger Staunskær, there to represent the company.

We had also organised a little “Guess the Price” competition, with the objective of estimating the sales price of a property sold last year in Benalmádena. Kurt Andersen won the prize – a dinner for two.

Overall, spending the day surrounded by the beautiful scenery and networking with potential clients in the sun made for a successful and lovely day.

See more photos from the event below.

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