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Autumn is well underway and the sun is shining here on the Costa del Sol. Bathing is still taking place in the Mediterranean, which keeps the lovely warm temperature from the summer. Even though the summer season is over, there are only small signs that this is true. The atmosphere here in the province of Málaga is high and many tourists enjoy it from their holiday apartment, they have calculated that nowadays, you can get much more out of owning an apartment on the coast.

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When buying an apartment in Spain, it is easy to think that it may only be used in the months of June to August, when the weather is typically warmest and best.
But, hoof. At least that is far from true. Now here in the fall months, there is still plenty to do!
There are, among others, Feria San Miguel in Torremolinos (starts last week in September) and Feria del Rosario (starts around the first week in October) where you can enjoy the Spanish culture, a great atmosphere and great experiences.
Spain is the place for city parties, it can quickly become a tradition to attend every year, and since the weather is still good, you have the perfect “excuse” to take a trip back to your holiday apartment during the autumn holidays.

If you want to try to keep the Christmas holidays in a place where the temperature stays around 8 to 10 degrees, but can also easily creep up to 20 degrees, it is definitely cozy at this time of year.
There are no large crowds to fight your way through, no expensive prices and no stress at all. You have the opportunity, to get all the legendary attractions all to yourself, eat good food for no money and just relax with the locals, in the silence after a busy year.
If you miss the crowd, you can typically find them in the evenings in Málaga. Calle Larios, has every year the most beautiful Christmas lights set up down through the street. Despite the fact that they are different from what Danes hang up there at home, it is still a beautiful sight.
In Denmark, it is probably more used that Christmas lights and Christmas atmosphere, must be elegant, fine and cozy. In Spain, on the other hand, it has to be magnificent and huge, but why not bring the experience along?
Are you more into skiing, snow and snowboarding in the winter, it is no problem even if you have an apartment on the coast. In just 2 hours you can drive from Málaga to the Sierra Nevada, which is a large ski area in the province of Granada.
Beach promenade one day and skiing the other, not quite stupid, huh?

When you turn your nose to the north again, your apartment does not have to be empty. There are many options if you want to rent out so that others can have an equally great holiday as you have had. You can easily slam a post on Facebook, in one of your local groups, where you announce that it is available during the weeks you are not there.
An alternative that you can take advantage of is Airbnb. which is a very popular and widespread portal used by all age groups to find a good place to spend a holiday in. Here you can easily create a profile, after which you then place your photos, prices, available dates, number of sleeping places etc.

Two super easy solutions on how you could just earn a little on having your own holiday apartment, don’t you think?
Are you now such a, super traveled and adventurous person, who is a little scared that you would get “stuck”, with a holiday apartment on the Costa del Sol, then we can also come up with an idea for what you can do there…
You can simply “home exchange” on It is a smart international website that helps you swap homes with another family somewhere in the world for a certain period of time.
Here you pay € 130 for a 12-month membership, but in return get the chance to visit many more countries than you could ever dream of, much less than you had thought you would ever pay.

There are plenty of opportunities, there is plenty of entertainment and airline tickets, well, they are not that hard to find either. So all things considered, should we not try to find you a holiday apartment on the Costa del Sol?

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