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The Crooked Angle with Peter Kaarsberg


In February, the founder and owner of Kaarsberg Estate, Peter Kaarsberg, was included in an article by La Danesa – the Danish magazine in Spain. The article, “The Crooked Angle” (Den Skæve Vinkel), focuses on Peter’s journey from Denmark, where he served as the Queen’s guard, to Spain, where he now runs a successful business.


Did you know, for example, that Peter once unknowingly
smuggled the Thai tourism minister across the border?


Behind the scenes with Peter Kaarsberg…


Peter Kaarsberg started out in real estate back in 2013, when a friend of his had a contact to one of the bigger real estate companies along the coast. A charismatic and eager Peter got the job and started selling houses like there was no tomorrow.

After working alongside a well established real estate company, Peter attended a real estate conference in the United States of America and upon his return decided to start his own business.

Today, Kaarsberg Estate, is a successful real estate company with over 15 employees working on property sales from Almuñécar to Sotogrande.

How was it to have an article written about yourself?

It was a memorable experience to sit there and talk about myself and what I have experienced in my life. What is included in the article are only fragments of what I have experienced in my life. At the same time, it gives me time for reflection; I have really lived more than half of my life. There is so much more for me to achieve!

How is Kaarsberg Estate doing in the current property market?

There is no doubt that in 2023 we will run somewhat stronger than the year before due to the world’s circumstances. However, this does not make us relax. On the contrary, we try to become more visible, and we go the extra mile daily to make our customers happy.


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